Refund Policy
Updated: 4th June 2023
Any capitalized terms used in this Refund Policy shall have the meaning assigned to them by the Terms and Conditions.
In case of any issues related to payment and/or to request a refund for any of our Fees, please contact Customer Support representatives via our online chat or email at
1. The following refund options can be applied, depending on the circumstances of your case:
1.1. Full refund. Full refunds are available only if payment is made for a 12-month plan (including automatic and manual renewal) and the refund request has been sent within 14 days of the latest payment. Refunds are only available for the last paid month. Payments preceding the latest payment are non-refundable.
The full refund is not possible if the refund request was sent later than 14 days after the payment or if the customer used any of the Services (excluding Demo trading) at any point during the 14 days following the latest payment. Such refusal to refund is based on the provision of this Service beginning with your prior express consent with the loss of their right of withdrawal.
Exceptions are technical faults that have restricted users' access to the Services. Such cases are investigated individually, and refunds are made at our sole discretion.
1.2. Partial refund. If you paid for a plan for 12 months, you are entitled to a partial refund for the unused period. Only the unused period, rounded to the month and excluding discounts, will be refunded.
For the purposes of this section, the "unused period" means the remaining time of the active paid period from the date of application. The unused period of a Subscription Plan is rounded to a full month.
For example, if you applied for a refund in the first 2 weeks of a 12-month paid subscription, the refund will be for the remaining 11 months. The refund will be calculated as follows: The value of the 1 month of the period already used is deducted from the payment amount, excluding the discounts. So, you will receive a refund equal to the payment amount for 11 months minus the payment amount for 1 month, excluding the discount.
Please note that only payments made for a 12-month plan are eligible for full refunds within 14 days of the latest payment.
If you have any further questions or require clarification, feel free to ask.
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