How to connect BingX API

Please complete the following security measures, before connect API.

- Enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)


1. Go to BingX.

- Log in or create a new account at BingX


2. Open the API dashboard.

- Hover over the profile icon on the top right corner, then click “API Management”.


3. Follow 6 steps as below:

- Key in your “Label your API Key (Max. 25 words)”.

- Click “Edit”.

- Copy API Key & API Secret Key, paste at LiveCopier, then click “Connect Exchange”.

*Reminder: The Secret Key only shows once and will be hidden after refreshing or closing the page. Please keep it securely*

- Check the box of “API Permission” (“Spot Trading” and “Perpetual Futures Trading”).

- Select “Restrict access to trusted IPs only” (Copy the two IP addresses stated in LiveCopier).

*Please use commas to separate addresses (,*

- Click “Add” then “Save”.


4. Complete the email verification & 2FA. (Complete)



How to connect BingX Exchange to LiveCopier


1. Login LiveCopier (

- Go to “Exchanges”, click “Add Exchange”, choose “BingX”.

- Choose your exchange platform.


2. Key in Name and paste API Key & API Secret Key.

- Get your API Key & API Secret Key from the exchange platform.

*Reminder: Copy & paste the IP addresses in your exchange platform.


3. Last Click “Connect Exchange” (Completed).



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